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 On behalf of the Northwestern University athletic equipment staff, I would like to thank you and your company for your tremendous service over the years. The quality and simplicity of the software, the company’s commitment to upgrades based upon direct feedback from equipment managers, and timely technical support has enabled lent support to our administrative duties as athletic equipment managers with the highest level of confidence.  The latest handheld technology and accompanying software has been a welcome addition to our equipment rooms.  It offers mobile inventory control which is of great importance to our high-paced and mobile needs. Thank you for your commitment to innovation and support of athletic equipment rooms across the country.

Melisande Resendiz

Northwestern University

Having worked at Kansas State for five years, there have been a lot of changes in our Equipment Room. The foundation of it all is the Sportsoft® inventory system! Chuck Hall was hired in Spring 2009 and said we would be installing an inventory system. I was worried about the complexity that could come with a football inventory system, the task of inputting data, how hard it would be to use, and difficulty in keeping it accurate. At the time I was the Assistant Football Equipment Manager and Chuck gave me inventory system responsibilities. I was on the phone right away with Les Totten at Sportsoft®. We connected to the internet and he immediately began doing what was needed to update our software, fix problems and guide me along the way. This is the process that’s still on-going to this day.I strongly believe that one of the greatest factors preparing me become Head Football Equipment Manager and take care of 120 players, 45 coaches/staff members, 36 students, and 24 operational staff was the Sportsoft® inventory system and the fact that it took my organizational skills to another level. The Sportsoft® inventory system breaks down apparel and protective equipment into different sizes for each person in the inventory system. The inventory system, in day-to-day use, provides me with different information and reports almost endlessly. During the season, it helps me out tremendously every Monday when I need to print reports with players’ and coaches’ sizes on them, go through all the game equipment and make sure everything is accounted for. The same reports are crucial preparing equipment for embroidery or specialization, as well as basic preparation and distribution. Reports can also be printed out with all inventories of different items in the database for quick inventory.

Another report shows the helmets and shoulder pads needing reconditioning. I believe this is a great tool for budgets, and a useful tool for compliance. I am also in the process of getting to use the Microsoft® Surface Pro with a Bluetooth scanner. I am continuing to learn and work with Les on different ways keeping my information more accurate and inventories better. I use the Sportsoft® inventory system daily and only see myself using it more and more for a long time to come!

Excerpts from Testimonial submitted by:

Al Cerbe

Head Football Equipment Manager

Kansas State University